Burn Out

Alright maybe I’m experiencing some burn out. I can’t focus at the moment. I have all these things to do and I can’t tear myself away from the blog. Just writing writing writing and then reading reading reading reading reading reading reading reading. It’s great to read and write but I have other stuff I should be doing, too.

I’ll come back to my illustrious essay. I have to make dinner anyway. Asian food, says GF. I have no idea how to make Asian food.

Probably I’ve just been sitting down too long.

Reminds me of this time we were sitting around and the boss asked my coworker, “Is your friend coming in for an interview?”


“The one you said he was a burnout.”

“Burn out? I didn’t say he was a burn out. I never said he was a burn out!”

“Yes you did.”

“No I said he was a deadbeat.”

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