I Want to Preach to Birds

Today I tried to spend two hours just writing a conversation between two characters. In the end it was four characters and the place they were talking erupted into an apocalypse. But I did write for two hours and that felt good. Sometimes I think I write for two hours but what I really did was think about writing for two hours and wrote for like half an hour.

Now I’m sitting here wanting to do it again but can’t really get up the energy. I don’t want to do anything else either. Just sit here and drink and watch movies. I always seem to want to do that but I hardly ever watch movies because when they are over two hours just went by and you’ll never get them back and you don’t really remember where they went. I keep telling myself it’s not any better to just sit down and watch them pass by on the clock. The hours go slower but that doesn’t mean anything.

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