Helping My Friend Stay Put

Moving from one place to another, I didn’t think it was that bad, but now I got a wife, and this shit is rough. I don’t plan shit, and all she does is sit around thinking of plans. I don’t know how she does it. She just sits down somewhere and thinks and thinks about all kinds of weird contingencies. I can’t come up with a plan with three hours to do it in. I made a plan about how to move, and she took one look at it and saw thirty problems with it. You know what we can do to fix the problems? Nothing. The problems are all based on hypothetical situations. The solutions are based on parameters we have no way of knowing.

When I find something I can’t know about, I sit the fuck down and play Clash of Clans. I don’t have the energy for that kind of shit. Why I got to sit around conjecturing for hours. I’ll tell you why I got to do that, it’s because if I don’t, than she is doing everything. I wouldn’t care if she did everything, but she does. She thinks I am being lazy. I guess she’s right. I am a lazy motherfucker.

But shit, I been trying to figure myself out. I know if I change my environment I can increase my chances of doing one thing or another. I know if I really work at it, I can come up with some kinds of plans. Or do I know that? Some kind of plan is right. The kind of plan it is is a shitty one.

Yeah so I don’t how this shit is going to work out. I’m stressed the fuck out.

4 thoughts on “Helping My Friend Stay Put

  1. Stop stressing. Relax. Drink a beer. And jump on the making plans… Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it is easy. But, that’s pretty much how life is anyway, right? Even when things aren’t going according to plan it is still one grand adventure after another.

  2. I hate when faced with a multiple parameter situation like that as I invariably put too much weight in things that no-one else thinks are likely or important so i might as well make such decisions by playing pin the tail on the donkey – I’m just as likely to get it right and it takes less stress – if its wrong blame the donkey.

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