Montezuma Got Stoned to Techno Music

I keep researching how to sell books and shit but I don’t even have a book to sell. I have some other projects that I’m working on for other people to sell, but the strategies I’m reading about won’t work for them. I’m reading them because I want to implement them for myself, but then I can’t because I don’t usually finish writing books.

I think I’m going to make it this time. I’m going to keep pushing forward and fuck it. Just keep doing the same dumb shit that I do best, which is highly ineffective probably…or no that’s the wrong word. Probably highly inefficient, but fuck it. Anyway I’m going to write this story about John Gibson or whatever his name is and the oil crisis in the 70’s. Apparently people would high jack shit back then to get gas. There were riots and shit. Funny how much I don’t know about American history even forty years ago. But American history isn’t special, I don’t know anything about any history forty years ago. I don’t know what the hell I learned in school. I do remember learning about Montezuma because my teacher made this kid stand on the desk and we all threw paper balls at him.

So I think Montezuma got stoned. Which sounds funny.

I think I figured out the daily post bullshit and anyway I guess it’s fine that my other post didn’t make it to the page because I thought they were saying you have to write what you would say to ten-year-old you when they were really saying you have to say what you would say to ten-years-ago you. Little different. I was like, shit why are ten-year-olds going to the coffee shop?

Anyway fuck it. I’m just going to keep writing and listening to sad music and podcasts about American history and writing and maybe that will work.

I just keep writing dumb shit on my blog and so far this has been my best week in views and visitors since last April (not much of an achievement considering in April I had 80 views or something). So maybe if I keep doing this shit for years I’ll find ten people to buy my book and then I’ll just have to finish the damn thing. Or maybe the apocalypse will come before that and I can stop going to work at the restaurant.

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