This Post Sucks

Golden Key

Man it seems like I would have a lot of places I’d want to get into, I guess just based on the movies I’ve seen. There’s always someone with a secret box that’s locked up somewhere. But I guess I’d just take the key to Fort Knox or some shit. Nah I’d probably take the key to Area 51 or the Pentagon. But then I’d probably get shot down anyway. Just because you have a key doesn’t mean you’re allowed in.

I guess I could take a metaphorical key somewhere, like the key to the stress center in my wife’s brain so I could turn that shit down a notch. God damn, been trying to write since this morning and can’t get a second in. Got to go to work in ten minutes and this is all I’ve written. Son of a bitch. Anyway don’t matter, I got time tomorrow since she’s got to be at work at 10 and I don’t have to go until 230. But shit then I got them other dude’s book projects to get to.

Yeah I’d probably take a key to an invisible room with a computer and internet connection. Nobody could fuck with me in there. Man and what if that shit was outside of time, too? I’d take a key to another dimension. But that’s not really a building, locker, or box.

Oh well, I guess I’d just take the key to a bank (member FDIC of course) somewhere that wasn’t heavily guarded and take a bunch of money so I could just stay home from work today.

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