Just So I Could Say I Did It

Last night I had my first slice of dollar pizza from some greasy ass Lower East Side joint around midnight. I was on my way to Tiki Monday at Pouring Ribbons, a little cocktail bar on Avenue B. Over the weekend I saw the first broadway show I’ve seen since moving here. And I rode in my first Uber truck from one bar to the next. I also visited my first unmarked door bar, led there by one of the guys that work there. It was the first night in New York City that I went out alone. My old bar tending friend was in town from Boston just for the night, so I made an exception to my no going out ever policy. It was fun and I somehow managed to avoid smoking a cigarette, even though the one guy had them. And everything was practically free. It really couldn’t have gone better.

My dad asked me while he was here why I was living in the city anyway, since it was so crazy here. I figured out that I just wanted to have done a bunch of stuff. I said that stuff might not be fun while you’re doing it, but remembering it later will be fun.

I’m only going to be working four days a week now since we hired some new people and some other factors. So I am going to have to really start moving in some kind of positive direction career-wise.

I tried to spend today working on this book project, but I am demoralized as I don’t know what the next step is and the client continues to ask infuriating questions.

2 thoughts on “Just So I Could Say I Did It

    • This one was pretty damn good actually, I was surprised. Especially because the place was a shithole and they had these “fancy” pizzas in the front that were looking like they had seen better hours. I noticed the fancy slices were $3 and only what was called “regular” pizza was $1 so I asked for that and the guy muttered something. Then five minutes later he took this regular cheese pizza out of the over and gave me a slice. Probably why it was good, I had showed up at the right time.

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