Hard Boiled Hankering

2015 is a few views shy of being the best year ever for Anyone’s Ghost. My first year I published over a hundred posts, second year just about 80, and this year I only published 47 (so far).

It’s three in the morning but there’s no one here to tell me to go to bed so I’m just doing dumb shit. I stopped being productive in any sense about an hour ago.

Why not just jump up on this bitch and write something down? Well, I can’t think of a bad reason not to do just that.

You should listen to this heartfelt, honest podcast by Tony Single. I think I’m going to put it on before I go to sleep. He has an English accent of some kind and he talks just a little bit slower than you might expect and he says funny shit like,

I think this is the bit where I kinda introduce myself and uh, where you realize just how truly boring I am, so let’s do this. I was born, as is the custom in this reality, and uh…yeah I grew up.

What a crazy ass! Go for the comics, stay for the CrumbCast.

Oh and I should mention that you’re probably reading that quote and thinking to yourself, well that’s kind of funny. Yeah, you didn’t get it. Go listen to him say it! That shit is hilarious. Make sure you have twelve minutes, because once that calliope jam starts playing, you ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Yeah, what else. New around here. Nothing much, I guess. I’m going to publish a short story with Conceited Crusade. That’s cool. I guess it’ll be done before the end of the year; who knows when you’re dealing with a bunch of writers.

I really like scented candles now.

6 thoughts on “Hard Boiled Hankering

  1. Um. Not an English accent m’dear. I’m no expert but I’m going to guess new Zealand or austalian (with an outside chance of south Africa).

    Scented candles? What’s your favourite scent then? I’m waiting for someone to make an expensive candle that smells of horse poo, straw and shower mould, so that I can pretend I’m just keeping my house up with the latest trend… Its funny I was going to write something similar about views on my blog too but I figured why tempt fate. Are you feeling under pressure to post something Entertaing? I am…I’ll refrain though. Why spoil you all.

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